Privacy Policy

P r i v a c y   P o l i c y

UJ-Crystal Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) handles personal information in accordance with its personal information protection policy.

The Company recognizes that the protection of personal information and specific personal information is a significant responsibility. Therefore, based on our personal information protection philosophy and our own code of conduct, we fully recognize our social mission and comply with laws and regulations related to personal information to protect the rights of individuals.

  • The Company acquires, uses, and provides personal information that is appropriate for its business purposes and does not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use. In addition, we take measures to ensure this.
  • The Company complies with laws, guidelines established by the government, and other standards related to the handling of personal information.
  • The Company has established regulations and systems to prevent risks such as leakage, loss, or damage of personal information by taking reasonable security measures and will continue to improve them. In the event of an incident, we will promptly take corrective measures.
  • The Company will respond promptly and sincerely to complaints and consultations regarding the handling of personal information.
  • The personal information protection management system will be reviewed and continuously improved in a timely and appropriate manner based on changes in the environment surrounding the Company and actual conditions.

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Toru Ujihara, Representative Director       

【Inquiries regarding the personal information protection policy 】

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